Log of changes to 2nd edition of Hawaii Highways site

Note: This log does not record numerous updates and other changes made while creating new pages for the new version 2.5. Most such changes were made in May-June 2003, after I suspended updates for the old site in order to focus on the new site.

4/23/03 -- addition of item to FAQs page 2 on reliability of on-line/CD-ROM maps; conforming changes to FAQs page 1, as well as revised references on that and page 2 to photos collection; temporary repair of mangled Other Maui photos page (pending its replacement by a new page).

4/19/03 -- assorted minor changes to FAQs pages 1 and 2.

4/13/03 -- fixed broken links on road photos overview page, and Other Oahu 1 photos page.

4/5/03 -- minor corrections to Big Island route list table 3.

3/30/03 -- update on FAQs page 4 item on Kalawao County, on population of resident patients.

3/23/03 -- minor changes to photo file names on main page (www.hawaiihighways.com version only); minor format correction on Hawaii Road Signs page 1.

3/21/03 -- correction of mangled links on part of Road Photos overview page; typo correction on Credits and Sources page; minor corrections to Maui route lists; minor style change to Interstate Ends page.

3/5/03 -- minor corrections to Big Island route list table 1, both Maui route list tables, and Other Maui road photos page.

2/19/03 -- minor update (pending more extensive revisions) to the Other Big Island road photos page, to reflect current status of the "Red Road" along the southeastern coast between Kapoho and Kaimu.

2/17/03 -- added overview map of Oahu, and discussion of routing of Kamehameha and Farrington Highways, to Oahu route list table 1; made conforming format changes to Big Island route list table 1; minor corrections to Maui route list table 1.

2/13/03 -- updated, expanded, and relocated Hawaii Road Signs photo collection; conforming changes and other updates to Road Photos overview page.

2/10/03 -- minor format change and file renamings for Interstates Ends page.

1/31/03 -- removed broken link from Lava Closures Photo Journey.

1/26/03 -- updates to all route lists, including fixing broken links to Mapquest online maps, and miscellaneous corrections and additions.

1/22/03 -- changes to FAQs, Oahu route list, and Interstate H-3 Photo Journey to reflect name restoration for Tetsuo Harano tunnels, as well as miscellaneous corrections and format improvements.

12/26/02 -- non-substantive changes to some links on FAQs pages, including revised e-mail address for inquiries to me (something I'll change on other pages as they're revised).

12/21/02 -- minor corrections and updates to FAQs page 2; revised request for photos on the Road photos overview page

12/11/02 -- minor corrections to FAQs pages 3 and 4, and Maui route list table 1.

11/19/02 -- additional item on FAQs page 4, on the closed road around Oahu's Kaena Point; conforming and other minor changes to FAQs page 1.

11/17/02 -- correction to Oahu route list entry for service road under Interstate H-3; update to Hawaii road photos introduction page.

11/02/02 -- revisions to main page, FAQs page 3, and Oahu route lists to reflect naming of Interstate H-2 and previously unnamed segments of Interstate H-1; creation of alternate version of home page, to direct visitors to hawaiihighways.com domain back to pages on users.erols.com.

10/25/02 -- addition to Other Oahu 1 page of Road Photos collection, of 1951 photo of the Kamehameha and Nimitz Highways running on parallel alignments north of the Honolulu airport; also amended caption to 1960 Pali Highway photo on that page; minor edits to FAQs page 4.

10/14/02 -- minor updates to Road Photos overview page.

8/22/02 -- removed some inaccurate statements about speed limits in Kalawao County, from the Kalawao County Photo Journey and FAQs page 4.

7/30/02 -- corrected some broken links to Mark Furqueron's Hawaii road photos collection.

7/28/02 -- revisions to Big Island route list part 3, to update Chain of Craters Road and Puainako Street listings, and clarify Saddle Road listing; minor update to FAQs page 2.

7/26/02 -- revisions to main page, FAQs page 3, and the Oahu route list, to reflect the naming of Interstate H-3 on Oahu for the late Gov. John A. Burns.

7/24/02 -- revisions to Lava Closures Photo Journey, to reflect new lava flows which have further shortened Chain of Craters Road in the Big Island's Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

5/30/02 -- revisions to FAQs page 4, Big Island route list part 2, and Lava Closures Photo Journey, to reflect closure of county-operated toll road to lava viewing areas on the Big Island.

5/22/02 -- revisions to FAQs pages 1 through 3, mainly to add item on why Hawaiian place names and other words have so many vowels, and also to make miscellaneous corrections.

5/7/02 -- revisions to FAQs page 4, and Kalawao County Photo Journey, mainly to add discussion of official status of Kalawao County.

4/27/02 -- revisions to FAQs page 4, Oahu route list, and Interstate H-3 exit guide, to reflect renaming of the H-3 tunnels through the Koolau Range, and other minor corrections; minor revisions (pending more extensive changes) to Saddle Road Photo Journey.

4/18/02 -- revisions to FAQs page 2, to reflect forthcoming speed limit increase to 60 mph on some freeways on Oahu.

4/13/02 -- revisions to FAQs pages 1 and 2, mainly to reflect the demise of Hawaii DOT's controversial photo radar traffic enforcement program, and also to add comments on getting around and finding parking in Waikiki and downtown Honolulu; minor corrections to Kalawao County Photo Journey.

4/2/02 -- minor edits (pending more extensive changes) to Interstate H-3 Photo Journey, to reflect renaming of tunnels previously named for Tetsuo Harano (retired former state highways administrator), now named for the late John A. Burns (former state governor, credited for addition of H-3 to the Interstate system).

4/1/02 -- minor edits (pending more extensive changes) to Piilani Highway Photo Journey.

3/20/02 -- added to Kalawao County Photo Journey, photo of warning sign at entrance to county.

3/17/02 -- FAQs pages 2 and 4 amended to reflect cancellation of proposed merger of Hawaiian and Aloha airlines.

3/3/02 -- minor typo fix, and clarification, to "zipper lane" item on Other Interstates Road Photos page.

2/24/02 -- clarifying change to H-201 east end photo caption on Hawaii Interstate Ends page.

2/14/02 -- updated links to Mark Furqueron's Hawaii road photos collection.

2/1/02 -- correction to FAQs item on longest state route.

1/30/02 -- expanded "wish list" on Road Photos overview page; minor tweak to main page

1/23/02 -- fixed some internal links on FAQs pages 1 and 2.

1/20/02 -- added Hawaii Interstate Ends photo collection; conforming changes to Road Photos overview page; minor change to Hana Highway Photo Journey, to reflect expansion of Hana Highway page on my separate Road Geek Souvenirs site.

1/12/02 -- revised Hana Highway Photo Journey to reflect new name and address for Hana Highway page of my Road Geek Souvenirs site.

1/11/02 -- added item to FAQs page 1, referring readers to this "what's new" page for site history and plans; corrections to Credits and Sources page.

1/9/02 -- minor fixes to main page, FAQs page 3, and Site Guide

1/6/02 -- updated Credits and Sources, Road Photos overview, and Site Guide pages; minor changes to several items on FAQs pages 1 and 4; partial updates for exit guide and photos page for Interstate H-3; nonsubstantive changes to other FAQs pages and exit guides.

1/1/02 -- more changes to main page, including clearer explanation of what's on the route lists, moving link to my personal home page from the main link buttons to the bottom of the page, and restyling the page to make more efficient use of wide browser windows while maintaining a reasonable appearance, with greater consistency across different browsers.

12/31/01 -- minor edits to Interstate H-3 Photo Journey, including augmenting the item on the "Stairway to Heaven" trail with a sound file for that song.

12/30/01 -- still more tweaking of main page, plus minor clarifications and additions to FAQs (including new item on page 4, on the rarity of interchanges on non-freeway routes).

12/26/01 -- more tweaking of main page (and I'm not sure I'm finished).

12/25/01 -- optimization of main page completed; FAQs fully updated (but not yet optimised).

12/21/01 -- more optimizing tweaks to main page; minor updates and link corrections to FAQs page 1 and the Hana Highway Photo Journey.

12/17/01 -- minor corrections and updates to Lanai route list.

12/5/01 -- various changes to main page, particularly to streamline the "Don Ho Freeway" rant, include a current picture of him (and me), and delete the stuff bashing ex-Congressman Bud Shuster (beating dead horses can be fun, but it does get old after awhile); minor changes to Interstate H-3 Photo Journey, relating to the access road running beneath the freeway through the Halawa Valley, and to delete an outdated photo and related text; correction to Biblical reference in the Hana Highway Photo Journey.

10/25/01 -- minor update to Big Island route list table 3, item on plans to extend Kealakahe Parkway (state route 197); typo fixes to site guide and Lanai/Molokai photos page.

10/24/01 -- updated Big Island route list table 3, item on extension of Puainako Street (state route 2000) in south Hilo.

10/22/01 -- fixed broken link on FAQs page 4.

10/15/01 -- main page revised, mainly to remove broken "Slater Central" links; Lanai/Molokai route list revised to add winding road caution to route 450 listing, and repair mangled fonts toward the end of the page; site guide revised, mainly to replace sample route list table with more illustrative and updated set of listings.

10/14/01 -- revisions to FAQs page 3, and conforming revisions to FAQs page 1, to revise and expand section 4 (Hawaii's Interstates).

10/7/01 -- a few more edits to FAQs page 4, this time to update and correct item on house numbering on Oahu.

10/6/01 -- revisions to Kauai route list, FAQs page 4, and Credits and Sources, to reflect additional research on the history of attempts to build a direct road connection between northwest and southwest Kauai (including an excerpt from an old state highway planning map, showing the approximate routing); minor corrections to the Oahu route lists; minor leftover changes to the Lava Closures Photo Journey, relating to the new lava viewing access road.

09/28/01 -- completion (I hope!) of revisions to Big Island route list table 2 item on lava viewing access road, and related discussion and links in Lava Closures Photo Journey.

09/26/01 -- FAQs page 4, Lava Closures Photo Journey, and Big Island route list table 2 revised to reflect the imposition of tolls on the lava viewing access road opened in August 2001.

09/25/01 -- minor corrections to FAQs page 4, item on abandoned plans for a direct road connection between northwest and southwest Kauai.

09/23/01 -- more tweaks to main page, and typo fixes to FAQs page 2; Big Island route list table 2, and Lava Closures Photo Journey, revised to update status of access road within old route 130 right of way to lava viewing trails, and add links to current information and photos for lava flows near or over the old right of way.

09/19/01 -- more minor changes to main page (to improve appearance on Macs), and Credits and Sources.

09/18/01 -- clarification of Big Island route list table 2 item on restricted access road through lava-covered part of route 130 right of way; further tweaking of main page.

09/16/01 -- minor changes to main page, to make it clearer and more compact.

08/30/01 -- minor changes to FAQs pages 1 and 2, to add photo of friendly "shaka" gesture, and update and revise discussion of speed enforcement in the islands.

08/18/01 -- changes to Oahu Freeways exit guides for Interstates H-1 and H-2, to reflect recent changes in "zipper lane" HOV restrictions; changes to Big Island route list table 2 and Lava Closures Photo Journey, to reflect improvements to the Royal Gardens access road at the southwest end of state route 130, and limited opening of the improved road for tourists to get to lava flow-viewing trails; addition of request for photos of that improved access road, to the Road Photos overview page.

08/01/01 -- minor addition to FAQs item on Interstate H-201; Road Photos collection supplemented by photos contributed by others (new "Stairway to Heaven" photo for Interstate H-3 Photo Journey, Lindbergh gravesite photos for Hana Highway Photo Journey, Polulu Valley photo for Big Island photos page 3); conforming and other revisions to Road Photos overview page, including some additions to its photos "wish list."

07/19/01 -- minor fixes to Interstate H-201/state route 78 exit guide and main page; update to FAQs item on Admiral Clarey Bridge.

07/11/01 -- revisions to Hana Highway Photo Journey, to reflect the highway's addition to the National Register of Historic Places.

06/09/01 -- minor revisions to Oahu route lists, to reflect information from 1980 map.

06/04/01 -- FAQs page 3 item on Interstate H-201 revised; minor addition to Credits and Sources.

06/03/01 -- link added from Hana Highway Photo Journey, to Hana Highway T-shirts shown on my new Road Geek T-shirt Collection site; FAQs page 3, and Credits and Sources, revised to reflect research of AASHTO records relating to Interstate and U.S. route numbering; minor revisions to main page.

05/31/01 -- minor corrections to pages 1 and 4 of the FAQs.

05/22/01 -- minor clarifications to Maui route list table 1, and "Other Interstates" road photos page.

05/21/01 -- Maui route lists, and "Other Maui" road photos page, changed to incorporate information and photos sent in by Scott "Kurumi" Oglesby from his recent visit to Maui, about several unusual old signed "bypass" routes around Wailuku.

05/19/01 -- historic Pali Highway photo added to Road photos Oahu 3 page; Road Photos overview page edited, mainly to reflect addition of photos other than my own to the collection; minor changes to Road Photos introduction (signs, etc.) page and to the Site Guide page.

05/12/01 -- Kauai and Lanai/Molokai route lists finalized, with minor corrections, and addition of name and former route cross-indices (eventually to also be added to the route lists for the larger islands, where they are most needed, when those lists are finalized); addition to the FAQs of items on the H-3 "hewa" (curse) and toll bridges/roads; minor change to Hana Highway (route 360) listing in table 1 of the Maui route list.

05/09/01 -- Kauai route list again revised, and hopefully finalized (subject to later addition of name and former route cross-indices, and HTML code optimization), to reflect comments from both state and county highway officials.

05/01/01 -- additional items for FAQs page 2 ("kapu" signs) and page 4 (Admiral Clarey Bridge); updates to Oahu route list table 2, and Road Photos - Oahu page 4, to reflect recent restrictions on civilian travel through the Schofield Barracks Army base to Kolekole Pass; listing for Admiral Clarey Bridge also added to Oahu route list table 2; minor corrections to FAQs page 4 (carpool lanes item), Road Photos overview page, and Kalawao County Photo Journey.

04/29/01 -- major revisions, expansion, and reorganisation of Frequently Asked Questions pages, to make them more user-friendly; links back to FAQs added to route lists, to explain route classifications, and on Oahu page 1 for the history of the designation of Interstate H-201; completion of format improvements to route lists, mainly to the Maui and Lanai/Molokai lists, plus minor corrections to various route lists; consolidation of site update status page into this one, and conforming and other miscellaneous changes to Hawaii Highways main page; addition of two photos to the Hana Highway Photo Journey (Maui road photos page 1), from the cemetery where Charles Lindbergh was buried.

04/25/01 -- revisions to both Oahu route tables, to fix glitches from 4/21/01 changes; minor revisions to main page and Kauai route table.

04/23/01 -- minor additional corrections to Kauai route table.

04/21/01 -- significant revisions to Oahu route tables (pending finalization), and also minor revisions to Big Island route tables, to reflect review of some additional historical route maps, and also recategorization as "former" state or county routes of most Oahu highways that had previously been listed as current county routes; also minor revisions to Site Guide page, and to Piilani Highway Photo Journey to add caution about night driving.

04/14/01 -- various corrections to Kauai route table (which remains to be finalized).

04/12/01 -- changes to FAQs and Kalawao County Photo Journey pages, to reflect latest Census population statistics.

04/08/01 -- miscellaneous revisions to all Big Island route tables, and the Credits and Sources page, mainly to incorporate information from the Hawaii County draft general plan.

04/05/01 -- Oahu 4 (Other Oahu 2) road photos page revised to correct information about tunnels into the Diamond Head crater.

04/02/01 -- corrections to all Big Island route tables, to reflect recategorization of Waianuenue Avenue and Kaumana Drive in Hilo as parts of county rather than state route 200.

04/01/01 -- just some more META tags on main page.

03/31/01 -- interim corrections and format improvements for Big Island route lists (which remain to be finalized), including in particular reorganisation of listings to more clearly present both main and alternate Hawaii Belt route segments on page 1, and more on the historic Mamalahoa Highway which is the precursor to the Hawaii Belt; link repair on main page.

03/30/01 -- interim format improvements and link repairs to Oahu route lists, plus addition of tunnel information for Interstates H-1 and H-3, and state routes 61 and 63 (lists remain to be finalized, particularly to resolve unclear status of routes identified as numbered county routes); minor fixes to Credits and Sources page, and Oahu Freeways exit guides.

03/17/01 -- minor caption corrections, and addition of Ke'e Beach photo, to Kauai road photos page; minor changes to main page, Oahu Freeways exit guides, Credit and Sources page, and photo request list on Road Photos overview page.

02/20/01 -- fixed errors on Kauai road photos page, most notably to remove photo of bridge misidentified as Hanalei Bridge.

02/17/01 -- minor changes and additions to main, Site Guide, and Credits and Sources pages.

02/13/01 -- minor changes to Oahu Freeways exit guides, including adding interchange names on H-3, and indicating exits to Waikiki on H-1.

02/11/01 -- added request for photos for the Road Photos collection, on the Road Photos overview page; minor corrections and additions to the Other Oahu 2 (Oahu 4) road photos page.

02/04/01 -- interim release of Hawaii Highways (2d edition), pending finalization.