How about a Don Ho Highway?

One minor disappointment in the making of this site -- there's not ONE highway named for the late Don Ho (1930-2007). Only a crummy "street" in Waikiki (really just a private service road for the Royal Hawaiian complex, where he used to perform -- his shows later moved to the Waikiki Beachcomber), only about 500 feet long and not even shown on many Honolulu street maps. Many pork-barreling mainland politicions, who can't even sing "Tiny Bubbles" to save their lives, have one or even two freeways named for them. But did Don Ho get a freeway? Nooo!

Don Ho Street, at intersection with Lewers Street in Waikiki

Auwe! (That bites!)

Don Ho (standing) and I, before one 
of his November 2001 performances

Don and I (11/01)

In 2002, the governor went out and named all of Hawaii's previously unnamed freeways, for worthy people other than Don Ho. And in February 2010, Hawaii DOT followed part of my suggestion of a less stupefyingly boring name for the new "North-South Road" highway in southwest Oahu, but alas went with "Kualakai Parkway" rather than "Don Ho Parkway." Oh well, I'll keep a lookout for other appropriate highway (re)naming opportunities.