Kuhio Highway (state route 560) bridge log

This chart lists the bridges on Hawaii state route 560, part of Kauai's Kuhio Highway (along the north shore west of Princeville). Most of the bridges are one-lane.

The chart lists the bridge's name (if any), construction date (if known), width, and location (measured in miles west from state route 560's mile 0 in Princeville).

In May 2005, I complied the information for all but the last three bridges on the list from Hawaii DOT's most recent straight-line diagram showing road features and characteristics for state route 560. The information for the two Haena bridges is from the National Bridge Inventory. The information for the unnamed bridge at mile 9.5, covered by neither the Hawaii DOT diagram nor the National Bridge Inventory, is from my own field check of the highway in June 2005. (That "bridge" looks more like a culvert to me, but the signs at each end describe it as a "bridge" so I'll go with that.) Bridge width data shown in feet is from the Hawaii DOT diagram, and in meters is from the National Bridge Inventory; for the bridge at mile 9.5, my only information is how the bridge is signed.

Counting the Hanalei River bridge as one-lane (Hawaii DOT's "one lane bridge" threshold seems to be 17 feet, and signs on that bridge's approaches direct motorists to yield to oncoming traffic), and the unnamed structure at mile 9.5 as a "bridge" rather than a culvert (see above), there are nine one-lane bridges on state route 560.
Name Construction
Roadway width
in feet (meters)
Hanalei River 1912 * 17 (5.2m) 1.20
Waioli 1912 13 (4m) 3.39
Waipa 1912 13 (4m) 3.91
Waikoko 1913 13 (4m) 4.21
Lumaihai 1968 28 (8.5m) 5.88
Wainiha #1 ** 1969 10 (3.1m) 6.40
Wainiha #2 ** 1973 10 (3.1m) 6.66
Wainiha #3 ** 1975 14 (5.2m) *** 6.70
Haena #1 1926 (5.5m) ~ 7.4
Haena #2 1926 (5.5m) **** ~ 8.4
(unnamed) ? "one lane bridge" ~ 9.5

* Full restoration completed in 2003.

** Some or all of the Wainiha bridges are older than the dates shown here, which appear to be for their most recent rehabilitation rather than their original construction. The three bridges reportedly replaced bridges destroyed by a tsunami in 1957. The National Bridge Inventory indicates the construction dates for the original Wainiha bridges were, respectively, 1922, 1931, and 1931. Also, temporary steel bridges were built over the original Wainiha #2 in October 2004, and were being installed over the other Wainiha bridges beginning in late 2007, to bear traffic loads pending permanent replacements for the original bridges.

*** The National Bridge Inventory indicates this bridge is a few feet wider than is shown on Hawaii DOT's straight-line diagram.

**** Signed as "narrow" rather than "one-lane" bridge, and the National Bridge Inventory counts it as a two-lane bridge, even though the Haena #1 bridge (equally wide according to the NBI, though I am skeptical of the width shown for Haena #2) is both signed and listed in the NBI as only one-lane.

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