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These pages have exit guides for Hawaii's four freeways, all of which are on Oahu:

Interstate H-1 Interstate H-1 (Queen Liliuokalani Freeway/Lunalilo Freeway)
Interstate H-2 Interstate H-2 (Veterans Memorial Freeway)
Interstate H-3 Interstate H-3 (John A. Burns Freeway)
Interstate H-201/state route 78 Interstate H-201State route 78 (Moanalua Freeway)

Each exit guide is on a separate page, but also has links at the bottom to the other lists, and back to this page, as well as links to interchange diagrams (see below).

An excerpt from the H-2 list follows (actual type size is larger):

NORTHBOUND -- Read DOWN Interchange Name SOUTHBOUND -- Read UP from bottom
EXIT Number
Highway, Street or Exit Destination
EXIT Number
Highway, Street or Exit Destination
EXIT 2 Waipio
Ka Uka Boulevard
Waipio Business Park
Mililani Cemetery Road
Ka Uka Boulevard
Waipio Business Park
Mililani Cemetery Road
Small down arrow NORTHBOUND Small down arrow   Small up arrow SOUTHBOUND Small up arrow
EXIT 5A Mililani
Meheula Parkway EAST
Mililani Mauka
(Meheula Parkway)
Meheula Parkway WEST
Mililani Town

The lists provide information separately for each direction of travel. They attempt to provide the same basic information for each exit as you'll see on the freeway as you approach the exit; additional information not shown on the actual exit signs, indicated by (parentheses), is also included. Some cautions are included, particularly tunnel notices for Interstate H-3 and one place at eastbound Interstate H-1, and the low speed limits for the S-curve on H-1 between exits 18 and 19.

The center column indicates the interchange name (if any). Most interchange names have two links, with the first link to an interchange diagram graphic (where available), and the second (under the word "interchange") to a zoomable Google Map of the interchange. Many of those interchanges have unusual and complex layouts, such as the massive Halawa Interchange joining Interstates H-1, H-3, and H-201 as well as several other roads.

Basic route information, including some material from the previous edition of the Oahu Freeways exit guides, is now on the Oahu route lists elsewhere on the Hawaii Highways site. Each exit guide is preceded by links to the route information on that page (including, for Interstate H-201, the FAQs entry on the interesting story behind that until-recently "secret" route designation), and to the relevant page in the Hawaii Highways road photos collection (which will also contain additional road information, and for the gorgeous Interstate H-3, links to even more photos and other sites).

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