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Limited updates since 2010
(See What's new for latest changes, including several updates since 2010, and planned major updates and other improvements)

Route lists   Aloha! This site has lots of information on Hawaii's highway system, for "roads scholars" (a/k/a "roadgeeks"), and for tourists and others to plan their travels in the islands.

Click the dark green buttons on the left for lists of the Interstate, state, and some county highways on the Big Island (Hawaii island), Maui, Lanai and Molokai, Kauai, and Oahu. Go to those lists for detailed information on specific routes, including route numbers, names, termini, mileages, and sometimes historical or other information and/or links to photos and other material elsewhere on this site. Also on the left is a button for detailed guides to Oahu Freeways exits and interchanges, including interchange diagrams.

Click the dark blue buttons on the lower left for general information. The site guide discusses how this site is organized, supplementing the site map's quick overview of what's where on this site. The FAQs cover lots of Hawaii highway topics and trivia, including one page of "Tips for Tourists." See also my collection of over 330 road photos covering all of Hawaii's major islands, including in-depth coverage of some specific highways and topics, such as the gorgeous Interstate H-3, Maui's curvaceous Hana Highway, and lava closures of highways on the Big Island. There are also pages on Hawaii road signs, Interstate route ends, and state and county route ends. For the latest on state highway construction and traffic conditions, and other official information, check in also with Hawaii DOT.

The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of Hawaii's state or county transportation departments. However, they provided valuable assistance (see Credits and Sources).

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I want your kokua!

Any kokua (help) I can get from readers, to correct or update the information on this site, or to make it more informative or easier to use, would be greatly appreciated. I don't live in the islands, and don't get to visit as often as I'd like. While I try to keep up from afar with road-related news from the islands, those of you who live or travel there can help me keep this site up-to-date. Road photos, especially historical photos, to add to this site's road photos collection would also be welcome (see my "wish list" on the overview page for the road photos collection).

Please e-mail me with any corrections, updates, etc. Mahalo nui loa!  (Thank you very much!)

See my rant on why Hawaii should have a freeway (or at least a highway) named for the late Don Ho.
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